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 Knuckleboom Crane Benefits:

Knuckleboom cranes have the ability to easily load and unload materials in just about any possible situation.

Knuckle boom cranes have the ability to stow within itself, folding into a small space out of the way freeing up valuable payload space.

Knuckle-boom cranes can be configured to do just about any job imaginable, from delivering products to cleaning up debris after the job is done.

From delivering drywall and transformers the cleaning up after a storm. The knuckleboom crane can do it all.

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Knuckleboom Truck Mounted Cranes, Barge Cranes, Ship Cranes, Marine Cranes, Staationary Cranes and Knuckleboom Cranes for any other application.
Knuckle-boom articulating cranes we offer range in capacity from: 2 ton, 3 ton, 3.5 ton, 4 ton, 5 ton, 6 ton, 8 ton, 9 ton, 9.5 ton, 10 ton, 10.5 ton, 12 ton, 12.5 ton, 13 ton, 13.5 ton, 14 ton, 15 ton, 16 ton, 17 ton, 18 ton, 19 ton, 20 ton, 20.5 ton, 22 ton, 23 ton, 24 ton, 25 ton, 26 ton, 27 ton, 30 ton, 32 ton, 35 ton, 35.5 ton, 40 ton, 41 ton, 43 ton, 44 ton, 45 ton, 47 ton, 48 ton, 50 ton, 65 ton and 85 ton units.
Knuckleboom Crane.

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Knuckle boom Crane
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Knuckle Boom Crane.
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We offer many different Knuckle Boom cranes from: PM, Cormach, Palfinger, Prentice, Hiab, IMT, Atlas, Amco Veba, Heila, Jabco, Fassi and Manitowoc just to name a few. Whatever type of Knuckle Boom crane you need, for whatever job you have to do, we can locate it, new or used, and deliver it anywhere in the World.

As the Worlds largest Knuckleboom Crane & Truck Equipment builder, we pledge to continue providing the best possible customer service, support and repair facility available in the truck crane industry today.

Welcome to the Worlds largest and most trusted Knuckle Boom crane dealer on the Internet today. We offer a broad range of Knuckleboom Cranes from all major manufacturers, custom built cranes and crane trucks, sales, service, parts and repair.

Great news for all knuckleboom crane owners and operators.

Special thanks to Patrick Mossie, fleet manager for ProBuild the nation's largest supplier of building materials and Frank Moore, NLBMDA regulatory counsel who provided expert testimony at OSHA's hearings on the knuckleboom articulating crane regulation issue.
With the extensive truck crane knowledge, leadership, and dedication shown by Mr. Pat Mossie, OSHA has finally seen the light regarding the regulation and use of knuckle boom articulating cranes in the US. Drywall and roofing suppliers equipped with the latest technologies can rejoice.
Pat Mossie's and ProBuild's hard work has finally brought to light the vast differences and safety standards of the articulating crane industry as opposed to tower (lattice) and boom stick cranes. Knuckleboom crane trucks will finally be exempt from the rules published in 1971 when delivering building materials to job sites, staging them on the ground or hoisting them onto a construction platform such as roofs or through openings when equipped with a properly functioning automatic overload prevention device
We have made significant gains here for our industry as a whole and have Mr. Pat Mossie and ProBuild to thank for it.

See the entire article and regulations on our news page.